Make a Book to Capture Your Travel Adventures in Oaxaca, Mexico, August 1-7, 2012


During our travel adventures around Oaxaca, as we explore the rich culture, we will collect papers and personal treasures along the way.  For example, we will visit the Taller Arte Papel Oaxaca in San Agustin Etla where local papermakers use the traditional methods and incorporate regional natural fibers into the paper.  Here we will see the paper making process and then select text and cover papers for your personalized handmade book project. Your finished book will reflect your unique travel experience as you move from markets, to museums, to art galleries and artist studios incorporating the textures, colors, and artifacts that exemplify Oaxaca.

During this adventure, you will:  explore the anatomy of a book and how to construct one, understand the fundamentals of the craft, construct a sturdy box integrated within the book, learn and use the pamphlet stitch to bind the signatures, make the finishing closures (e.g., paper beads, braided cords, etc.), insert envelopes to hold extra treasures, add foldout pages to extend your writing surfaces, and collect ephemera to be used for decoration (talismans, photos, collage elements, yarns, threads, buttons, beads, etc.).  No prior bookbinding skills are needed.  

This is a unique book art design I created to hold my own art supplies and journaling papers. It is portable, versatile and beautiful. For more information about this cultural adventure, visit

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