Al-Mutanabbi Street Exhibit in NYC!

My husband Rob took me to NYC the last weekend in July for my birthday. He patiently escorted me from one exhibit to another. Out of five exhibit locations, we made it to three: ¬†Center for Book Arts (will shake you down for a donation while standing in front of the books for sale cabinet display and they didn’t have the catalogs printed); ¬†Poet’s House (very cool and close to the International Financial Center – where I lost and Rob retrieved his brand new iPhone- and the Irish memorial), and the International Print Center (nice folk). There were some amazing pieces, books and prints. I’m showing just a few of my faves taken with my iphone. One gallery (Alwan) said they’d be open and were not. Disappointing because it was no easy feat to get to that neighborhood and find the address. Also disappointing was that a number of the pieces were repeated in multiple locations. We did not make it to the Columbia library venue (and I imagine that was a good one)IMG_02661-300x224!

The next day we visited both MOMA and the Met. Both had some book arts related pieces.

Remarkably, I did not buy any paper. Oops. I take that back. We did venture down and over to the South SeaPort and an amazing art couple had a storefront with hand painted wallpaper. The owner of this enterprise, called “Flat Vernacular” was very generous with donations, and I did make a ‘thank you’ book for Rob and it handled so very nicely…took the folds and the glue standing up. Highly recommend the paper (some of it even glows in the dark) and the artists.


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