Lisa Gilbert, handmade book artistArtist Brief
I’ve been writing and illustrating books since childhood. In 2008 I rediscovered book arts and began taking classes in the US and abroad. Since then, I’ve collected materials from around the world — such as handmade and machine made papers, fabric, thread and buttons — to incorporate into my books. I’ve taught classes and exhibited my handmade books in North Carolina libraries, shops and galleries (e.g., Ackland Museum Store, Chapel Hill, NC; Carrack Gallery, Durham, NC; Skylight Gallery, Hillsborough, NC). If you would like more information about my books or classes, please email me at: LKGArtist at gmail.com.

Artist Statement
About five years ago I discovered books that I made as a child. They were written and illustrated using crayons and pencils. It brought back very fond memories, so in 2008 I decided to revisit this art form and I began taking book art classes. With each passing year I continue to learn more about structure, binding, stitching, content, printing, and paper transformation techniques to create book art.

My book structures are ideas brought to life using paper, leather, fabrics and carefully selected objects to reflect the wonder and beauty of our world. Each of my book art creations has a unique story to tell. It starts with a theme that may have literal as well as figurative meaning. The creative process begins with imagining and sketching ideas or concepts, then developing my thoughts into a 2-D or a 3-D model. This process continues as I design the covers or structures, glue, sew, or stitch in pages, and add text blocks or other contents. Finally, I often add closures such as buttons, ties, or bindings. I find this transformation of inert material into fine art infinitely satisfying.

I have traveled to more than 25 countries, and have collected handmade and decorative papers, fabrics, and interesting materials from many places to use in the creation of my art. I’ve designed books from wood, papyrus, metal, mica and fabric, as well as from traditional materials such as handmade and machine-made decorative papers. Often I am inspired by nature and use elements such as leaves, bark, seeds, shells and rocks in my work. For example, with “Sowing Seeds” I explored the magnificence of natural seeds as well as the figurative use of seeds in a variety of quotations.

After graduating from the Colorado Institute of Art I was an illustrator for 10+ years. My second career has consisted of teaching and conducting behavioral health research after graduating with a Master’s and a Ph.D. in health education from the University of Maryland. I am now returning to my artistic roots as a book artist in addition to research consulting. I have Adjunct Faculty status at the University of North Carolina, and I volunteer as a Print Shop Monitor in the Art Department at UNC. For me, designing and constructing art is not only a creative opportunity and challenge, but it is also an exploration of the physical, spiritual, and social domains of this extraordinary world in which we live.

Please contact me at LKGArtist at gmail.com for more information about these books, upcoming classes or custom orders.